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Mindy Merritt, president of the Salem-Keizer Education Association, said educators are worried they are either going to get in trouble for under-reporting or their students will end up with no one to confide in."How can we ensure we're building trust? Perry agreed that is the difficult part of the statutes, adding she does not know the legislative intent behind the laws nor if that was considered.

Perry said teachers need to create safe spaces for kids, while also understanding what the law requires.

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But most school districts in Oregon don't require teachers and other staff to report students believed to be having sex.

Schott and other students organized a protest at the Oregon Capitol last week and plan to hold another.

Dylan Schott, Kimberly's father, said while he doesn't condone teen sexual activity, he believes in fewer "government involvements in our personal lives and more personal responsibility for training our children to be good citizens."All Salem-Keizer School District employees are mandatory reporters.

But if the student specifically references their own sexual activity in context to the comment or question, the teacher is responsible for reporting it.

Responding to the students' petition and protest, Perry said the district respects their right to protest.

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