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Henna tattoos are out for 20-somethings, while the older groups are turned off by leopard prints and too much makeup.

Of course this is only based on what their users have said, but it can still give you some solid guidance on what to skip when getting ready for your next date.

Teens rolled their eyes at New Balance shoes, while 20-somethings are taking a hard pass on fedoras.

Ladies in their 30s are over the idea of "music festival fashion," which fair enough.

However, if your cutie pie pet is not well, if you are worried about their impending operation or sudden bad behaviour call our super astrologers and they will do you a pet astro chart and tell you why pussy cat peed on the sofa and doggy tore your bedroom apart.

The dating app Hater, which pairs you with people based on the things you both hate, has figured out which fashion trends are the biggest turn off for their users — and this news may not be good for you.

In fact, pussy cat tends to reduce Taurus stress risks, plus potential heart disease. Cancer dogs and cats are treated like babies, fed delicious tit bits, dressed in raincoats when it pours and have tombs and statues erected to them when the pass on. There's nothing better than a dog to ease their worried mind and those stressful challenges.

Since they love their sweeties and choccies the anti stress factor is important when Taurus considers getting a pet. Cancer scolds, cuddles, admonishes and falls in love with their delightful, furry ball of fluff. If they are feeling sick, the sight of a furry ball of claws and teeth curled up in the corner, defragging those negative energies gives them hope, inspires them, make them feel no matter the challenges life is worth living. When things get bad, only a dog that will look up at Virgo with great big eyes that say I love you too! Ask a pet psychic Libra digs the beautiful pet, the delightful pedigree Persian, the gorgeously chic Dalmatian, Not only do they lift energy they inspire a downbeat Libran mood.

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For an extra £11.84 per pet, per year you can add our Pet Travel Extension to your Saga Pet Insurance policy. Including cover for vet fees (up to £3,000 under Saver and £5,000 for Essential and Super cover) and third party liability for dogs only.

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