Dating site that accept online check payment

When you see an e Check instantly, you know that the funds are in the process of being verified immediately; there is no waiting to see if payment arrives in the mail.The waiting time is significantly cut when you accept an e Check.There are some payment gateway services that will charge you nothing extra in order to accept e Check.In fact, if you use Pay Pal, you can save money when you accept e Checks for amounts of more than 5.This means that it can take seven to ten days – or more – for you to be paid if you accept a paper check.Be aware that an e Check, like a paper check, can bounce.

Simply put, it’s like the paper checks – only it is electronic.An e Check also has another thing in common with paper checks: It can take more time for the e Check to clear.Some buyers like to pay with an e Check in order to “float” the purchase, waiting a few days for the money to clear.Ensuring the privacy and security of your customers When you accept e Check payments, you need to make sure that you ensure the privacy and security of your customers.Your clients need to know that you have a secure Web site.

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