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Can anybody give me sample on how to incorporate a progress bar on my existing macro.I manage to get a source code in diplaying progress bar but i can only run the progress bar macro before or after my existing macro. It might be (sometimes the extension might be different). To automatically create this file, just start recording a "dummy" macro (with the record button on the left-bottom of a spreadsheet) and select "Personal Macro Workbook" to store it in. This is no problem as long as you do not add new macro's at this moment. Path & "C:\Users\jkatanan\Desktop170206Glidepath\V37\" Filename = Dir(Pathname & "*.xls") Do While Filename "" Set wb = Workbooks. Close Save Changes:=True Filename = Dir() Loop End Sub Sub Do Work(wb As Workbook) With wb 'Do your work here . And there's no need to select ranges, at least in this example. Of course you need to adjust the name or index of your worksheet. Select End With End Sub Sub Process Files() Dim Filename, Pathname As String Dim wb As Workbook Pathname = Active Workbook. Maybe it is easier with the code: Sub Process Files() Dim Filename, Pathname As String Dim wb As Workbook End Sub Sub Do Work(wb As Workbook) With wb My Macro End With End Sub Many thanks, this site is great!

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Auto Fit Dim The Path, The Name, The Switch As String The Path = Active Workbook. Name, 34) ‘ take out the extension from the name The Path = The Path The Name The Switch = Cells(3, 2) ‘ In Cell (3,2) I have the name of the individual name, so I added to the file name. How can I make the macro check if a sheet with that name already exists and if it does to go back to the input calendar and if not to go ahead a create that new sheet? Code included below, but here is a bit more info: What the macro does is unlock and unhide a worksheet that is used as template for the actual worksheet for the user to work on. Once unhidden it is a copy is pasted before worksheet "totaal", the original template is locked and hidden again. Before the user gets to see the new worksheet a calender pops up to input a date (why this happens before the new worksheet is shown I don't know but it doesn't bother me). Here is what I have so far: Sub adsheet() Dim ws As Worksheet Application.

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