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The previous document is a source for a more detailed review of earlier studies.

The SHEA‐IDSA Expert Panel addressed the following clinical questions in this update: The SHEA Board of Directors and the IDSA Standards and Practice Guidelines Committee convened a panel of experts in the epidemiology, diagnosis, infection control, and clinical management of adult patients with CDI to develop these practice guidelines.

Fever, cramping, abdominal discomfort, and a peripheral leukocytosis are common but found in fewer than half of patients.

For the current update, the epidemiology, diagnosis, infection control measures, and indications and agents for treatment from the 1995 position paper were reviewed by a joint Expert Panel appointed by SHEA and the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA).

Cases often appear in clusters and outbreaks within institutions.

infection had received antimicrobials within the 14 days before the onset of diarrhea and that all had received an antimicrobial within the previous 3 months.

Computerized literature searches of Pub Med were performed.

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A response to specific therapy for CDI is suggestive of the diagnosis.

Rarely (in fewer than 1% of cases), a symptomatic patient will present with ileus and colonic distension with minimal or no diarrhea.

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