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Maybe their most infamously memorable moment came in the semi-final, when Elena’s headset malfunctioned and the singer, visibly distraught at first, managed to perform without audio and complete the song.The emotions then gave way to relief when Romania was the first country announced as advancing to the Grand Final.At Eurovision, in Moscow she qualified for the Grand Final where she came the nineteenth after accumulating a total of 40 points (12 points from Moldova).After Eurovision she became more famous Europe-wide and released her signature song "Disco Romancing" which was a smash hit in Romania as well as a top-ten in Hungary and a mild success in Czech Republic, Netherlands, Poland and Slovakia.She has released three studio albums and one compilation album.She scored a top ten in the Romanian Top 100 with the debut single "Vocea Ta".The following single "Midnight Sun" was a top-ten success in the Dutch Top 40 and in the Romanian Top 100.

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Gheorghe was born in Bucharest to the family of an Aromanian priest, Gheorghe Gheorghe. She has a sister, Ana, who is a journalist and a brother, Costin, plays football for Sportul Studenţesc. Gheorghe debuted on the folk music scene with her when just three years of age with the song Sus în Deal în Poieniţă.In January 2006, she opened her own dance school called Passitos and a month later ended the collaboration with Mandinga, starting her solo career with the help of musical producer Laurenţiu Duţă.In June 2006 Gheorghe released her first solo album, entitled Your Voice.After an internal selection, Gheorghe was elected to represent Romania in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 with the song "The Balkan Girls" written by Laurenţiu Duţă.She came second in the voting result, but as the jury voted for her, she won the National Final.

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