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thanks to gamespy for the tip.sounds much easier than actually acquiring a real life college degree. if i had the time and money i would go back anytime till i as much as you want.

snap up a copy today, slackers, and go to “college” from mom and dad's basement. yeah wasting 12 hours a day playing that shit is gonna make you insane. (badly and when it is warm enough..) have a motorbike.things.will never meet a man on his death bed whose dying words would be “i have slept with too many women in this life”and games can be fun.personally i had fun at college but spent too much time studying to get a good qualification..

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but if i could design my own with the sims maybe it would help me masturbate a little more.

believe me i am very easy on the eyes too but i'm faithful so ugggggghhhhhhhh!!!

with the university expansion pack, you can live the college lifestyle you want in “college town” and strive to acquire the 100 new objects added to the game.

( Job Adjustments Part I and Part II ( Wings of the Goddess Nation Quests!

well, soon you can experience university life and strive to be the big man or woman on campus, virtually speaking.

ea has announced that the next expansion to their popular series the sims will be coming to a pc near you march 1st, 2005.

On Today in Vana’diel: Unveiling the New Synergy System!

( “The Latest Evolution in Equipment—Announcing the Evolith System!

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