Ubuntu ntp not updating time

If the host is running a newer Virtual Box version than the Guest Additions, a notification with further instructions is displayed in the guest.To disable this update check for the Guest Additions of a given virtual machine, set the value of its In the "Devices" menu in the virtual machine's menu bar, Virtual Box has a handy menu item named "Insert Guest Additions CD image", which mounts the Guest Additions ISO file inside your virtual machine.While the interfaces through which the Virtual Box core communicates with the Guest Additions are kept stable so that Guest Additions already installed in a VM should continue to work when Virtual Box is upgraded on the host, for best results, it is recommended to keep the Guest Additions at the same version.Starting with Virtual Box 3.1, the Windows and Linux Guest Additions therefore check automatically whether they have to be updated.For Windows 8 and higher only the WDDM Direct3D video driver is available.

The Guest Additions will re-synchronize the time regularly.See Section9.14.3, “Tuning the Guest Additions time synchronization parameters” for how to configure the parameters of the time synchronization mechanism.Each version of Virtual Box, even minor releases, ship with their own version of the Guest Additions.The previous chapter covered getting started with Virtual Box and installing operating systems in a virtual machine.For any serious and interactive use, the Virtual Box Guest Additions will make your life much easier by providing closer integration between host and guest and improving the interactive performance of guest systems.

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