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“It is very strange to make it official especially since we are talking about it in the future perfect,” he says, with a laugh.

It wouldn’t be Downton if it wasn’t for all the big twists and shocks.” Now Mathew’s death is the melodrama that has left viewers reeling.

But from the actor’s point of view all the bombs and the mud and everything were great to film and I had a great time.” Nevertheless, for so intelligent a man, it must have hurt when his peer Benedict Cumberbatch was quoted as describing that second series as “f------ atrocious.” “From what he has told me, and from what I understand, he was misquoted or certainly quoted out of context,” says Stevens, loyally.

“But the thing that upset people was that there is a sort of unwritten rule that whatever you think of other people’s shows you don’t diss them to journalists.” He insists, however, that it is Downton’s capacity to surprise – whether it is a Turkish diplomat expiring in Lady Mary’s bed or the unforeseen death of Sybil in childbirth – that sets it apart.

When he is talking about books or theatre, there is no stopping him. At the time he signed up, Stevens was mainly a theatre actor familiar on television for his part in Alan Hollinghurst’s The Line of Beauty.

But he was neither a household name, nor a heartthrob.

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