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He suggested that a person practicing this would naturally attract a loving sexual partner.

The story of his realisations is told in a book published in July 2013; My Life Of Love & Truth: A Spiritual Autobiography which describes his life up until the death of his second wife in 1982.

His works are published by the Barry Long Foundation International, based in NSW, Australia He stated that this fluctuating condition is set in motion and maintained by an addiction to thoughts and the emotions they create.

In response to an article by Andrew Cohen he wrote "One notion I would like to correct is where you say that in my teaching "the primary spiritual practice is making love rightly." The primary spiritual practice...

is self-denial, giving and honesty practiced over a long period out of an inner perception of rightness and goodness." Speaking of this book he stated, "There's so much in this book ....it's like a base which my whole teaching goes back to, or extends from.

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